Pattern of flower


different flower patterns that we encounter in the rhododendron satsuki azalea variety

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color ring

differences among the rhododendron satsuki flowers

janome shibori

white center shades to red then shades to white

janome shiborijanome shibori SATSUKI FLOWER SMALL

shibori sokojiro
petal divides in two flower patterns
This flower has a base color with a white circular center

shibori sokojiroshibori sokojiro SATSUKI FLOWER SMALL

each penat has a white egg shaped center


edged petals usually red sometimes purple

tsumabenitsumabeni SATSUKI FLOWER SMALL


white stips on the petals

tsuma jirotsumajiro SATSUKI FLOWER SMALL


This is a colored flower with a white continuous line bordering the petal tips

FukurinFUKURIN satsuki flower small

This flower has a base color with a white circular center

sokojirosokojiro SATSUKI FLOWER SMALL

Single color like white, red and others for the base. the deeper color matches with various shibori

jai satsuki flower

jai satsuki flower

JIAI is difficult to interpret, so just memorize the word. JIAI is used in two different ways.

One way is called JIAI KA, and the other is just JIAI, and its definition differs slightly.
Essentially, JIAI is used for a variety whose flower has a pale base color among mixed color blooming varieties.

There are PURPLE-JIAI , RED JIAI, and TOKI ( pink ) JIAI.

Flecks and speckles

differences among the rhododendron satsuki flowers

arare shibori
ARARE means hail.
The specks are the largest among the speckled flower

arare shibori

fukiage shibori
This pattern is look like a feathers of arrow.
The patterns on the bottom of flower to edge of flower

fukaige shibori

fukkake shibori
The flower patterns are very similar to MIJIN SHIBORI fpMIJS,
only the speck size is larger

fukkake shibori

mijin shibori
MIJIN means speck.
This flower has countless specks in shapes like those created by
a fine sprayer

mijin shibori

Tobiiri shibori
or Tobifu
irregular thin and small stripes

tobiiri shibori

kanoko shibori
This flower has white spots scattered all over, a similar pattern to that seen
on the back of a fawn

kanoko shibori

stripes and sectors

differences among the rhododendron satsuki flowers

Daisho shibori
This flower has both fine streaks and thick streaks, mixed patterns of

daisho shiborit

date shibori
This flower has mixed patterns of DAISHO SHIBORI - and KATA SHIBORI,
and it is very lively and showy

date shibori

hakeme shibori
This flower has fine strip linen as if painted by brush

hakame shibori

petal divides in two collors


sarasa shibori
This flower has KO SHIBORI pattern mixed withe thick lincs.
The SHIBORI has hue

sara shibori

This flower has random thick streaks , Also called O SHIBORI

2o shibori


This flower has only thick white streaks

shiro shibori

tate shibori
clean stripes extend from the center to the edge

tate shibori

ko shibori
This flower has fine streaks, Also called

ko shibori

This flower is JIAI with SHIBORI patterns in the same color group